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Dublin, Ireland

Where else are you going to go for St. Patrick's Day besides Dublin? With parades, pubs, and plenty of pride, there's nowhere better to celebrate the Irish holiday.As Matador writer Pietro Buzzanca wrote, “If there were a school to learn how to get f-ed up, the headmaster would be Irish.

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Goa, India

According to Matador, Goa has amazing beaches and combines old-school India with blowout EDM parties with DJs, dancing, and lights.Matador writer Robert Hirschfield also added that “there are spiritual beaches, and ghosts.” Whatever that means.

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Halifax, Nova Scotia

One Matador editor said of Halifax, "I love places that completely subvert people's expectations." You wouldn't guess it, but Halifax is actually an insane surf town. "You can fly in and be surfing within two hours, and during certain times of year there are tidal bores to paddle/surf," Matador editors said.

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Ibiza, Spain

Those hitting up Ibiza should forget they ever had a boyfriend or girlfriend. The Mediterranean city is known for its raucous nightlife in Ibiza Town on the southern shore and Sant Antoni to the West.As Matador writer Larissa Coleman said, “In the 1950s, hippies were drawn to Ibiza’s postcard beaches.

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Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City has a ton of awesome things for tourists, be it the amazing and varied cuisines or massive amounts of shopping.Plus, according to Matador editors, "Mexico City has more than 20 million people and almost as many cantinas. If you’re doing it right, you’ll find yourself suddenly singing corridas with the locals."

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Munich, Germany

Celebrating Oktoberfest in Munich is essentially a no-brainer. The 16-day festival attracts more than 6 million people from around the world and has some of the best beer and German food. Writing for Matador, journalist Jessica Peter puts it this way: “Guys in little leather shorts and girls with healthy racks squeezed into corseted dresses.

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New York City, New York, U.S.A.

It's only fitting that the city that never sleeps gets a spot on this list. Whether you're into the "models and bottles" scene or EDM and house music, there's always a spot for New Yorkers to party.According to one Matador editor, "Every time I’m there, I feel simultaneously happy I don’t live there but envious of people who do."

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Phuket, Thailand

Millions of tourists (especially backpackers) travel to Phuket, an island in Thailand with views of the Andaman Sea and off-beat beaches.Matador editors say to "make the most of Phuket, but after your logic reaches a point where you’re like, 'If I just rent a beach chair, someone will bring me a coconut to wash down my Vicodin,' it’s time to leave."

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San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

San Francisco has become one of the best places to party in the country, thanks to tech startups, electronic music, and festival culture. Matador editors say, "it seems like you only get how it’s a treasure chest at the bottom of the sea if you really spend time there. "

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Tokyo, Japan

When it comes to nightlife, Tokyo becomes one of the craziest cities in the world with its neon lights, jam-packed clubs, and the more risqué "sex shows" and massage parlors.Matador editors said: "You don’t just bring your karaoke A-game to Tokyo, but your willingness to dwell in a futuristic world.

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